Francis Klug

Funeral Service

10:00 am
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Burgar Memorial Chapel
4817 - 51 Avenue
Camrose, Alberta, Canada
Casual dress preferred.

Obituary of Francis Klug

Joe Klug of Camrose, Alberta passed away on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at the age of 78 years.

Francis Joseph George Klug was born November 7, 1939, to Anton and Ann Klug and was a new baby brother to Tony. Many grandparents, uncles and aunties, and cousins lived nearby.
He was very adventurous and sometimes a rascal and at age 15 he was sent to Campion College, which was a Jesuit Catholic school in Regina. While attending school there, which included a cadet program for a year, it piqued his interest in the military. He returned to Camrose to complete high school and graduated from the Camrose High School.
After a time of exploring his path in life – some explained, some not – he returned to follow in his dad and brother’s footsteps and became an electrician. He had many experiences in the industry but wiring houses and buildings weren’t his favorite thing. He joined the Border Paving Company where he worked for many years. He turned empty semi-trailer vans into highly and precisely built control and generator vans for the guys to mix asphalt or provide power to their work camps. He often traveled all over the province to troubleshoot. He loved his job and co-workers. His work was basically his hobby.
Joey was very unique in so many ways. He was fascinated with military life and collected all sorts of memorabilia. He enjoyed hanging out with his buddies at the local Legion and would often treat everyone to a round on the house.
His home was in close proximity to the Alice and Windsor hotels and many times folks down on their luck, walking down the alley behind his house, seemed to know when he would come home and he would hand them some money to buy a beer or a sandwich or maybe new shoes or a warm coat.
For others, he would give them vehicles (with all maintenance expenses included), pay for golf memberships and take them on all expenses paid adventures and road trips. Many of you here may have experienced his kindness and generosity and he never expected anything in return.  
Joey was incredibly devoted to his mom, especially after his dad passed away. His love, respect and caring for her was apparent to everyone and she taught him the values that stayed with him always. When she passed away, very suddenly, it was a crushing blow. They had spent their lives together in their home and he missed her. However, she once confided to me that she did not enjoy any of the hundreds of CD’s he constantly had to play on his boom box – opera and classical music.  She never complained. Sometimes he burst into his favorite Pavarotti voice; he actually even looked a bit like his singing idol, usually after a few “happy pops”. Once when we were flying to Reno, Nevada, he stood up and burst into his favorite song in his fabulous voice. The whole planeload of passengers all stood up and clapped and cheered. If that happened now, in these days, the plane would have been diverted and we would have been escorted off. Joey loved playing slot machines, endless games of cards, golf when time allowed, and in younger years, bowling and playing pool.
He especially enjoyed Guinness beer and chewing on the finest cigars – never lit. He also loved flowers and trees and birds in his yard. Once he tried to grow an avocado from seed “Arthur” he called it sadly however, it failed. If, on a road trip, having leftover fast food in the car he would pull over and throw it out on the side of the road and watch the ravens and crows devour it. It always made him smile.
Whenever we were together, anywhere, someone would recognize him and greet him with a big smile, hug, handshake or pat on the back. He was everyone’s friend and meant so much too so many. 
Joey was unconditionally loved especially by his sweetheart of nearly 30 years, “Babes” as he always called her, Edie Lawrence. His love also extended to brother Tony and fabulous sister-in-law Delores of Devon, their children Sandy, husband Todd, Karlie and Kevin of Airdrie, Wendy and son Barrett of Okotoks, Bobby from St. Albert, and sadly his niece Gail, who has passed away, Edie’s children, Grandpa Joey to them, Tammy, Rick, Jordan (Ben) and Brooke Shott of Blackfalds and Red Deer. He treated all of us like precious pieces of gold. 
I have written and re-written these final words, often with tears streaming down. His last days at his home in Faith House were filled with pain. The amazing staff there and many visits from Home Care did their very best to do whatever they could. There aren’t enough words or ways to thank them and Dr. Slabbert for all their compassion. 
My last thoughts are of me and my beloved Joey and all the times we were together and going to the next place we each had to go, and say goodbye, I would blow him kisses and he would catch them and tuck them away by his heart. So, as we all leave today, blow a kiss, he will catch it and be so pleased you came to wish farewell to this unique, amazing, incredible man.

A Funeral Service was held on Saturday, May 5, 2018, at 10:00 AM from Burgar Memorial Chapel with Rev. Brian Hunter officiating.

Donations are gratefully accepted to the Camrose Home Care, the Camrose Fire Department, or the Camrose Royal Canadian Legion.

Casual dress preferred.

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